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Zachary Ellman - Founder & CEO

Zak is passionate about execution and building long term partnerships. Zak has 10 years of sales experience in the startup space, specifically working with hyper-growth disruptive emerging firms. Born and raised in Chicago, Zak graduated from the University of Wisconsin and went on to join the Israel Defense Force as a combat infantry soldier. After completing his service, Zak moved to New York where he joined Broker Genius as the first US employee. He built and led the sales team for 6 years, doubling revenue annually while building out processes and ultimately helping the firm secure a $15MM Series A round. Zak has experience managing both ends of the hockey stick and understands the complex challenges hyper-growth firms face when scaling their solutions. In May of 2019, Zak wanted to get back into the startup world, leveraging his unique insights and experience on the sales side. Zak started OneMarket to help Seed to Series B firm’s scale successfully while avoiding common pitfalls. Great technology needs a great team of partners. Zak firmly believes in building long term partnerships focused on solving problems rooted in trust.

Sean is a highly motivated, results-driven, and accountable leader who brings 10 years of technology and sales experience to OneMarket. Before starting OneMarket, Sean built 2 sales teams from the ground up at a technology company called SportsRecruits. Areas of expertise include scaling teams, developing sales processes, creating sales training and overall sales operations. As a seasoned Sales Development and Sales Operations Specialist, he is passionate about creating solutions and problem solving, developing sales reps and personal growth. Sean graduated from Wake Forest University in North Carolina, where he was a D1 track and field student-athlete. Sean currently lives in Denver, Colorado, enjoys running marathons, live music, and going on hikes with his dog, Bentley.

Sean Lunkenheimer - Co-Founder & COO
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